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Half Shafts and Prop Shaft

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I disassembled the half shafts in April so of course when I went to assemble them six months later I made a couple of mistakes. I’m finding myself in this situation quite a bit and it’s unavoidable; it’s just the way I work. I’ve got components in pieces from 4 years ago! The mistakes are usually silly little ones and exarcebarted by a gung-ho attitude and a reluctance to check the manual; but mostly it’s rushing to complete jobs when the finish line is so close. I keep relearning the lesson of patience and double checking everything. It will sink …

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Fuel Tank Dents

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I had booked in some painting time for this past Saturday and nothing was going to stop me, not even the rain that started early Saturday morning and continued for the better part of my scheduled 5 hours. My poor wife must have thought I finally cracked it with all my pacing up and down the stairs, inside and outside the house, checking weather apps, and commenting on drizzle vs rain all while contemplating throwing plastic drop sheets over the clothes line so that I can paint under cover. Oh the hillarity of it all. I can picture pockets of …

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It’s On Wheels

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I’ve waited a long time to say that, “It’s on wheels”. Five years and two months to be exact. I’ve come a long way and there’s some way to go yet but oh, what a satisfying milestone to see the car on wheels and steering around. It has injected a lot of enthusiasm in the project; even the wife is starting to appreciate the car with it’s quintessential ’70’s shade of mustard showing off the beautiful sleek design. Here’s a small reminder of the car as I bought it. And a few after I stripped it. And just a short …

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Suspension Detail

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Immensely satisfying to be finally assembling components instead of cleaning decades of grease off them. This is what I was picturing all those years ago when I set out to restore a car. The reality is not far from the fantasy in this case. A smile grows to a grin each time the roller door winds up. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum now that I’m on a roll. Get it?

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Steering Rack Rebuild

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Like a lot of things with this build, it takes me a long time to complete components but in the end I’m happy with the results and I feel it’s heading in the right direction. I first picked up the steering rack in July 2018. It has sat in one corner or another since early 2014. Months later it started to resemble a steering rack. I had a small issue with the pinion bushing which frustrated me to no end but all things considered it assembled well and operates very smoothly. The OEM rubber bushings for these racks are NLA …

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Rear Drum Brakes

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When I took on this project in 2014 I pictured myself assembling factory new parts in a lab like environment and everything worked just as it did in 1970. Reality rarely meets fantasy; it takes time and effort to achieve fantasies. Some of the brake hardware has been purchased over 2 years ago and the rest has just sat around waiting for its restoration. The biggest time waster is finding myself short of a nut or something trivial that needs to be plated which has a month turnaround. Even simple things like painting parts properly has to be executed with …

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KONI Sport Adjustable Struts

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The timing could not have been better! Just as I started to work on my suspension I received an email from MSA announcing the new KONI Sport Adjustable Gas Struts for standard strut assemblies of the S30 chassis (and later Z’s as well). MSA will be the sole distributor for these inserts; an indication that they were a driving force behind the product coming to market. They are a completely new product designed to fit the ’70-’83 Z strut assemblies. The cartridge inserts are a twin-tube low pressure gas-charged design and are externally rebound adjustable. They’re capable of close to …

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Stepping Up From Rattlecans

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Painting is effing hard! To do it right anyway. I’ve rattle canned my fair share and I can shake a can with the best of ’em. This time I thought I would invest in a spray gun and all the gear that goes along with it to get a hard wearing and lasting finish on the suspension gear. Upfront costs equate to paying someone else to do it but it’s an investment in my skills and it’ll pay for itself the second time I use it. The diff, axles, and fuel tank are all in need of a similar durable …

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I’m Back… For a While

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Starting to get back into it this week. I’ve disappeared into the garage each night and I don’t hear much complaining from my wife. I think she’s glad ‘that smelly thing on the couch’ is gone… I needed something simple to get started since I’ve been away for so long. The steering coupler and shaft seemed like a good place to begin so I knocked that out quickly and was on to the filthy rack next. I’m repeatedly reminded at how serviceable all of this old stuff is and the rack was no exception. Strip it, clean, inspect, new paint, …

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The Tired Brain and the NLA Inner Tie Rod

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One of these is not like the other… Murphy’s law dictates that the bent one must be the NLA tie rod while the dead straight one is readily available. Guess which one is which. I beat it with a hammer, torched it, pulled and pushed it with long bars until it cried out but it didn’t budge a millimetre. Also crying out must have been my annoyed neighbours as it was well past bedtime. Behind me a 20 ton press stood quietly, snickering at my madness. Why it didn’t speak out earlier I’ve no idea. I blame my tired brain …