Starter Motor

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I’m here to repent. I’ve neglected my one true love for too long. I have not appreciated her and turned my eye to her needs. Well, no more! It’s time to spark up our love again… time to start respecting her…

OK, seriously though, I’ve made very little progress since April and it makes me feed depressed thinking about all of the lost time. Where have the last few months gone!? To start back up I thought the starter was an appropriate task to complete.

Like a lot of my sub-projects, I started this one months ago and it has been completed in little fits of productivity. The disassembly took place in April of 2020, the prep and paint in May, assembly in July, and the final test in January of 2021.

Yes, that is correct… I did all of this work before knowing the thing would actually work. Beats me why I didn’t just test it before I took it apart. I guess I just trusted the robustness of Datsun engineering. :p

You can see a short video of it working here.


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