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Selling Recently Finished Car Projects

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Why are there so many project cars for sale that have been recently completed or are almost complete? You see them in the classifieds: For sale, no expenses spared! Engine not run in yet. Recently painted. Will not disappoint. Have receipts totalling $58,000. Selling for $33,000 ono. First to see will buy! Harry from Gumtree I won’t even start on the incomplete projects that swap hands until some nut enthusiast decides to actually throw the money and time at the rusted metal and seized engine. They don’t surprise me. Usually bought on a whim and with good intentions until reality …

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Are Copper Nickel Brake Lines Legal in Australia

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Copper Nickel alloy brake lines, otherwise known as Cupro-Nickel, Kunifer or Cunifer, are mainly used in Europe to protect the braking system from failure due to corrosion caused by salt on their roads. In Australia there is no salt on the roads, unless someone drops their McDonald’s chips, so the product is not widely known or used. Cupro-Nickel came to my attention as an alternative to zinc coated steel bundy tube in early 2018. It appealed to me for three very good reasons. Inherrently corrosion resistant with no coating to wear out Bends much easier than steel or stainless steel …

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The 240Z build will realistically take me about 3 to 4 years. – that’s a long time without a roadworthy car. Having owned an MX5 recently it was an easy decision to buy one again. They are brilliant little weekend cars with a high dollars to grins value. I saw an ad for an SE (Mazdaspeed in the US market) which was located about 10 hours drive away. A bit too far but it was selling at a discount and had a lot of engine work done to it recently including a major service. A short plane trip later and …