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End of 2019 Video Update

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Shot a quick video last night showing the status of the car. I should do more of these but I’d rather spend my time working on it or with the family instead of editing videos. I guess I could do more one shot videos since they don’t require any editing.

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Honda CT90 – Postie Bike!

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With the blessing of my beautiful wife I have picked up this lovely 1976 Honda CT90 – or Postie Bike as they’re affectionately known in Australia. It has undergone a complete restoration with all new parts, paint, and even a new CT110 engine! The previous owner went for a stripped down minimalist look in the cafe racer style. It might not be the most macho of bikes but it’ll serve me well for the daily commute to the local train station. 🙂  

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The 240Z build will realistically take me about 3 to 4 years. – that’s a long time without a roadworthy car. Having owned an MX5 recently it was an easy decision to buy one again. They are brilliant little weekend cars with a high dollars to grins value. I saw an ad for an SE (Mazdaspeed in the US market) which was located about 10 hours drive away. A bit too far but it was selling at a discount and had a lot of engine work done to it recently including a major service. A short plane trip later and …