Autumn 2019

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This season I was detirmined to get the car finally back on its wheels. I always feel like I’m working slowly – and I am – but the results are worth it and I can’t see anything changing. This will take me a long time to complete but I am enjoying every hour in the garage.

A large piece of the puzzle was the new shocks from Koni made availavble by MSA. The timing was perfect and I took advatage of the pre-order as soon as I could. The fit and finish is fantastic but obviously it’ll be a while before I can comment on the performance.

The joy of fitting all of the new components on the drum brakes might fade when I finally get to test their dubious stopping power, but they certainly look the part for now. This was honestly one of the more fun things I’ve done with the car. It’s what I pictured I’d be doing all along. In reality most of my time is spent either cleaning grease or removing dust…

The steering rack was another little win. To see it operating smoothly brought me a lot of joy, nearly as much as seeing my little boy turn the steering wheel.

There’s nothing complex about the ’70’s suspension design. There is no adjustment save for front toe but it’s beautiful in its simplicity and since putting it all together I have often stopped to run my eyes over the clean parts. I’m not sure how I’ll handle the first drive in the rain…

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