KONI Sport Adjustable Struts

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The timing could not have been better! Just as I started to work on my suspension I received an email from MSA announcing the new KONI Sport Adjustable Gas Struts for standard strut assemblies of the S30 chassis (and later Z’s as well). MSA will be the sole distributor for these inserts; an indication that they were a driving force behind the product coming to market.

They are a completely new product designed to fit the ’70-’83 Z strut assemblies. The cartridge inserts are a twin-tube low pressure gas-charged design and are externally rebound adjustable. They’re capable of close to double the rebound damping force if you’d like to shake your teeth loose.

I’m matching them up to a set of standard King Springs (engage 4wd mode!) which are on special order as I’ve requested a black finish over their standard yellow. I’m hoping the standard height will first shock me (pun intended), then mildly disgust me, but eventually we become friends and accept each other.

Standard S30 springs info varies but for my 1970 factory specs were:

  • Front RH at 386mm free length with a spring rate of 83lb
  • Front LH at 373mm free length with a spring rate of 83lb
  • Rear 381mm free length with a spring rate of 104lb

The King Springs standard replacements for the 240Z are:

  • Front – KDFS-08 at 295mm free length with a spring rate of 185lb
  • Rear – KDRS-09 at 315mm free length with a spring rate of 175lb

King Springs also offer a 30mm lower version which I almost went with:

  • Front – KDFL-08 265mm free length with a spring rate of 185lb
  • Rear – KDRL-09 285mm free length with a spring rate of 175lb

I opted for the standard height for two reasons: with the lower version the springs are not captive and the travel of the shock is reduced. You can tie the springs to the perch to get around the issue but reducing the shock travel was the tipping point for me. There are other ways of lowering the ride height, like hacking the top hats or even cutting the spring a little bit, but for now it’ll be jacked up and proud!


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