Reproduction 240Z RH Door Mirror

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      Not me Steve but you can find them on US eBay. If you have trouble finding them I’ll look up the seller for you. If he’s out of stock I know someone who bought spares and he’ll probably sell one.

  1. Thanks for the reply George.
    Looks like he is down to the last one. I have messaged him asking if he would let me know the length of the base and stem before I jump in and purchase it.
    I’m restoring a ’73 Celica (rhd) and the same period 240z mirrors appear to be a good match with the OEM mirror for the Celica.
    I just want to make sure there isn’t any great difference, any smaller then visibility issues may arise.
    In case he doesn’t reply, would you mind letting me know the lengths. The Celica mirror base is 3.5 inches and the stem about the same from the bottom outside edge of the base to where it starts to curve.
    I’ve seen mentions on a couple of z forums that some people have made a custom spacer for the rh mirror base (for a lhd) that overcomes a lot of the stem angle issue. Have you any experience with that? It is another way I could go if wanting to purchase a OEM lh mirror.


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      Hi Steve. I’ll get the measurements for you tonight.

      I’ve seen guys using the LH mirror on the right side. Doesn’t seem to be an issue on Z’s apart from the different stem angle. Visibility would be about the same. Not familiar with the use of custom spacers.

      Check out this post for some more photos of LH vs RH.

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      Steve, the base is 3.5″ X 1″ and the back of the stalk is a touch over 3.5″ from base of outside edge to where it starts to curve. Looks like a good match.

  2. Thanks George, greatly appreciated.

    I’ve contacted Don (datsundon) and am making the purchase arrangements.
    I’ll keep an eye on your blog and the best with everything on your project.


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