Once Upon a Rust

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Tonight I’m contemplating sleeping inside my empty car shell as it will be the last time I see it for many months. Tomorrow it will be picked up and delivered to Custom and Classic Cars (1,400 km away) who will restore it to its former glory. No tears will be shed when the car is towed away; maybe tears of joy – I’ve swept away more rust than any man ought to.


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Seeing the rust-bucket in the last post you would think I was mad to buy that particular 240Z when there are plenty of good ones on offer. I am not mad however and my proof lies below.

My New Car

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Finding a 240Z in Australia is difficult. Finding one in good condition for anything under $20k is rarer than a unicorn ride to work on Fridays. After months of searching and missing out on a very good one by a mere two hours I finally found my unicorn ride. Sadly this unicorn has seen better days but we won’t let that get in the way. As you might have noticed, this car has some rust. When I say some I mean it’s rusted with the occasional patch of metal about to rust. It sat outside for 12 years in the …