Rear Drum Brakes

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When I took on this project in 2014 I pictured myself assembling factory new parts in a lab like environment and everything worked just as it did in 1970. Reality rarely meets fantasy; it takes time and effort to achieve fantasies.

Some of the brake hardware has been purchased over 2 years ago and the rest has just sat around waiting for its restoration. The biggest time waster is finding myself short of a nut or something trivial that needs to be plated which has a month turnaround. Even simple things like painting parts properly has to be executed with precision planning around my family and work.

As the 5 year milestone of my project passed though, that fantasy has finally began to bear fruit. The sheer joy of the assembly has raised my spirits and enthusiasm.


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  2. amazing work as always. Just wondering, I’ve seen a few people do the yellow zinc on the stub axles and companion flanges and I really love the look. does it interfere with the mating surfaces? bearing seats, splines etc?

    1. Author

      The plating is very thin and all the mating surfaces were gently rubbed down with steel wool. I didn’t experiance any issues with mine thankfully. The only concern I’ve ever had with plating stuff is when reading about hydrogen embrittlement and the very high tensile bolts. I did replace some of my critical ones in the end.

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