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I’m Back… For a While

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Starting to get back into it this week. I’ve disappeared into the garage each night and I don’t hear much complaining from my wife. I think she’s glad ‘that smelly thing on the couch’ is gone… I needed something simple to get started since I’ve been away for so long. The steering coupler and shaft seemed like a good place to begin so I knocked that out quickly and was on to the filthy rack next. I’m repeatedly reminded at how serviceable all of this old stuff is and the rack was no exception. Strip it, clean, inspect, new paint, …

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Winter 2018

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It’s Getting Crowded In Here You go through life thinking you’re a tough bugger and then you watch your wife give birth. What a humbling experience. We welcomed Lillian to our little clan this Winter. She’s a bundle of joy. 🙂 Chipping Away After fumbling around with the heater box a while ago the blower was an easier task. I tried the molasses trick to remove the rust and had less success this time. I only left it in for a week where last time it was two weeks so I’m guessing that’s the difference. I’m finding that the most …