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Datsun 240Z RH Door Mirror Disassembled

In Body, In the Garage by George1 Comment

A few weeks ago a kind gentleman by the name of Ian gave me a right hand door mirror on a handshake and a promise for some form of payment down the road. I’ve been searching for one of these for 4 years now! They are rarer than rocking horse poo. So what’s the first thing you do with something so rare? Why, break it of course…! I’m sorry you had to see that… breaking it was hard, much like punching yourself in the face with the intent of splitting skin. The only way to get the stalk off the …

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Datsun 240Z Door Mirrors

In Body, In the Garage by George4 Comments

Last weekend I was presented with an opportunity to buy a right hand door mirror – otherwise known as unicorn poo. If you have tried to locate one you know how difficult they are to track down. It was the very first item I started searching for when I bought my car in 2014 and I thought I had finally cracked it! Sadly the listing was misleading and the mirror I bought was for the left hand side. It did teach me a bit about the differences in right hand and left had mirrors though and I’d like to share …