Spring 2017

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A Beautiful Chronicle

Spring brings new life as they say. They weren’t kidding! My wife started growing another little peanut this spring… high five!

Elation soon made way for nausea – the all day type, not this morning sickness variety. A few years ago we went on a boat ride to The Great Barrier Reef. The seas were rough, unrelenting in their swaying. She’s stuck on that boat ride with the only relief coming from sleep. While I’m not physically with her, I am on board, trying my hardest to calm her rough ride.

Not surprisingly this has sapped my energy along with my free time. I did make some progress early in spring though. I completed the heater box, had all the brake and clutch cylinders re-sleeved, worked some more on the insulation and as always, parts are rolling in as the budget allows.

In the weeks after purchasing the Datsun I thought long and hard about a name. I haven’t named all of my cars, just the ones that were special to me and each name has had some meaning behind it. I felt she deserved something with a Japanese origin and came across the name Miki which means beautiful chronicle. A succinct and fitting name for what is a beautiful car that will chronicle my life. Miki also felt fitting as my wife’s nickname is Kiki, another beautiful lady. 🙂

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