Pushing and Pulling

In Body, In the Garage by George1 Comment

The 240Z is coming along nicely with everything from the firewall back now repaired. This week the front section is getting some loving with the car all jigged up on a chassis bench. The rails will be cut and news ones welded in place.

Beyond that there are some holes to be repaired under the battery tray, the radiator support needs to be replaced and we are just about done with plugging up holes! Happy days.



  1. Wow, really impressive project! I’m in the process of giving similar love to a very early 260Z 2 seater, which while needing significant work, pales in comparison to this. Lesser blokes would have brought in a tidy shell from the US and swapped some numbers, engine, pedals, steering rack etc… Good on you. This old 240 has found the right man (with suitably deep pockets) to bring her back to life 😉

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