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Seeing the rust-bucket in the last post you would think I was mad to buy that particular 240Z when there are plenty of good ones on offer from time to time. I would join you in questioning my sanity were it not for the below photos.

To many these are just numbers but to enthusiasts they represent history and desirability. I did set out to find a low chassis car but felt the low matching numbers were a side attraction and would not affect my decision when it came to putting my money on the table. I was mistaken…

From the moment I had heard that #19 was for sale until the moment it was parked in my garage I could not sleep, eat or think straight. It’s pathetic but I admit the lure of such a low chassis really grabbed me and my emotions were in charge of the negotiations.

In the months leading up to the purchase I had passed on chassis #63 and #86; both were in much better condition. My reason for passing on them was their price and their poor condition which makes absolutely no sense considering what I ended up with.

All things considered I am really happy with my purchase and I am ecstatic to be finally undertaking a nuts and bolts restoration of a car – something I’ve longed to do since I fell in love with cars some 20 years ago.

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