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Rear Quarter Badges

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Or as the Yanks call them, roof emblems. They came in today and I’m rather pleased with their condition. They will need some touching up but it’s minor. Made of metal and taken off a US delivered car they still have their pins intact and no pitting on the chrome.  

Once Upon a Rust

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Tonight I’m contemplating sleeping inside my empty car shell as it will be the last time I see it for many months. Tomorrow it will be picked up and delivered to Custom and Classic Cars (1,400 km away) who will restore it to its former glory. No tears will be shed when the car is towed away; maybe tears of joy – I’ve swept away more rust than any man ought to.

Stripping the 240Z

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As a boy I took great pleasure in taking things apart and seeing how they work. If they functioned when I put them back together it was a bonus but that was never a measure of success and I never let that get in the way of my fun. To this day I enjoy the process and I’ve learned that taking things apart requires less finesse and is usually a lot easier than putting them back together. The opposite applies to a neglected and severely rusted car. For the past couple of months I have been chipping away at stripping …