Pushing and Pulling

The 240Z is coming along nicely with everything from the firewall back now repaired. This week the front section is getting some loving with the car all jigged up on a chassis bench. The rails will be cut and news ones welded in place. Beyond that there are some holes to be repaired under the battery tray, the radiator support needs to be replaced and we are just about done with plugging up holes! Happy days.  

Starting to Resemble a Car Again

I receive photo updates every so often. Up to now the car was heading in the wrong direction as it was being stripped and cut up. Finally we are starting to see her come together and the excitement is building. I have booked a trip at the end of November to visit the car, Paul, and all the guys out at Adelaide. It coincides with their Datsun Day as well so it should be a fantastical auto-orgy of a weekend.

Engine Bay Inspection Light

I guess there is a bit of the obsessive here but I see no reason to fit a dirty old part in a freshly painted engine bay so…

Frame Bits and Bobs

This is from the donor car, all ready to be subbed in for the Swiss Cheese frame.


Datsun 240Z Shell Media Blasted and Primed

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath up to this point. I obviously knew the shell was bad but until it’s blasted you just don’t know what really lies ahead and the anticipation of this moment has been replaced with calm acceptance. I’ve only really had one concern since day one and that was getting to this point and being told that it’s too far gone to repair. That hurdle has been cleared. The rest should be easy right?  

Datsun 240Z Shell Picked Apart

Progress on the body. We’re hoping it returns from the blasters with… well, just hoping it returns…   NOS quarters fell in our lap… and stole the money out of my pocket but you get that with rare parts.

It Begins…

Datsun 240Z Body Work Commences

This morning I received a message with this photo and the words, ‘It begins…’ Nearly a year after I purchased the car, Paul from Custom and Classic Cars is starting on the body work. Maybe in a years time we’ll see the shell complete and home once again.  

Carb Heat Shield

I’m not completely happy with the results (should have spent more time prepping) but it’s somewhat better than what I started with… I used VHT primer and then their aluminium engine enamel paint.