Datsun 240Z Shell Media Blasted and Primed

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath up to this point. I obviously knew the shell was bad but until it’s blasted you just don’t know what really lies ahead and the anticipation of this moment has been replaced with calm acceptance. I’ve only really had one concern since day one and that was getting to this point and being told that it’s too far gone to repair. That hurdle has been cleared. The rest should be easy right?  

Datsun 240Z Shell Picked Apart

Progress on the body. We’re hoping it returns from the blasters with… well, just hoping it returns…   NOS quarters fell in our lap… and stole the money out of my pocket but you get that with rare parts.

It Begins…

Datsun 240Z Body Work Commences

This morning I received a message with this photo and the words, ‘It begins…’ Nearly a year after I purchased the car, Paul from Custom and Classic Cars is starting on the body work. Maybe in a years time we’ll see the shell complete and home once again.  

Rear Quarter Badges

Or as the Yanks call them, roof emblems. They came in today and I’m rather pleased with their condition. They will need some touching up but it’s minor. Made of metal and taken off a US delivered car they still have their pins intact and no pitting on the chrome.  

Stripping the 240Z

As a boy I took great pleasure in taking things apart and seeing how they work. If they functioned when I put them back together it was a bonus but that was never a measure of success and I never let that get in the way of my fun. To this day I enjoy the process and I’ve learned that taking things apart requires less finesse and is usually a lot easier than putting them back together. The opposite applies to a neglected and severely rusted car. For the past couple of months I have been chipping away at stripping …