Spring 2018

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I’ve seen it – and used it – numerous times. It’s the age-old excuse…

“I don’t have enough time.”

I’m going to call myself out on that one. Not having enough time is an excuse used when other things in our lives take priority. You can dodge around exercise for years and then one day your doctor gives you some unfavourable news – shakes fist – and you suddenly find the time. The only thing that changed are your priorities.

I phoned it in this quarter. There were opportunities for me to progress the project and I kind of did. I planned and thought about it. I discussed it online and posted a photo to Instagram. Progress!

To dwell on the lack of progress would be pointless at this… point. If we’re looking for a silver lining, let’s call this quarter a reflective one. I took some time away from the project and spent it with my family and friends.

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with the love of my life. My wife that is, not my car. Went on a few rides. With my car that is, not my wife. Umm, right.

Killed some home-invading-bees, drove into a concrete pillar I didn’t like very much and my little man had his first Bunnings snag which was an immensely proud moment.

Not to completely ignore the 240Z, I bought her some numbers correct rear strut assemblies and a jack-damage-free engine crossmember. Not a complete loss this season then…

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