Hardlines… Tick!

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Very pleased to have learned a new skill and I’m happy with the results. Let’s hope they don’t leak!


  1. Beautiful job mate, the conifer pipe to the fittings don’t leak .I had stainless lines and every fitting leaked ,even after a day trying to stop leaks I fixed 2 maybe. large pain with brake fluid I actually looked close at the pipes provided and they were more of a tri shape instead of round, also of course the conifer pipes can be used here cause the Audis and top line imported cars use it, also when was the last time a cop checked your compliance?…..NEVER!
    Dave Hunt.

    1. Author

      Cheers Dave. I imagine the soft nature of the material allows it to press and form to the fittings when tightened whereas the stainless is too hard and stubborn.

    2. Author

      The tri shape you mentioned could be the result of the straightener being set too tight. It happened to my first set of steel bundy I used. I thought I had to really screw down the straightening tool but that just squashed the line. Whoever supplied your stainless lines might have done the same. I imagine it’s hard to straighten stainless lines so it would be easy to overcompensate.

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